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Bacitracin Zinc USP Ointment GRx®


Medibest children's cough syrup + Mucus nighttime

Medibest children's cough syrup + Mucus reducer

Medibest children's cough syrup with dark honey nighttime

Medibest Tussin DM

Medibest Tussin DM+

Tussin Adult CF

Tussin Adult Long Acting Cough Cold Syrup

Tussin Adult Long Acting Night Time Cough Cold Syrup

Tussin Cough and Chest Congestion Sugar Free DM

Tussin Cough-Long Acting Syrup

Tussin Nite Time Cough Cold & Flu Syrup

Cough/Cold Nose and Throat Sprays

Medibest Multiway nasal spray regular

Medibest Nasal Spray Advance

Medibest Nasal Spray Extra Moisturizing

Medibest Nasal spray Extra Moisturizing No Drip

Medibest Nasal spray Original No Drip

Medibest Nasal Spray Regular - 15 ml

Medibest Nasal Spray Regular - 30 ml

Medibest Nasal spray Severe congestion No Drip

Medibest Nasal spray Sinus No Drip

Medibest Sore Throat Spray (TP)- Cherry Flavor - -30 mL

Medibest Sore Throat Spray-Cherry Flavor - 177 ml

Numed Saline Nasal Spray

Saline nasal spray (sodium chloride 0.65%)

Sinus Nasal Spray

Sore Throat Spray - Honey Lemon

Sore Throat Spray - Menthol

Dandruff/Seborrhic Dermatitis

Tera-Gel™ and PC Tar™

Dietary Supplements

Medibest Nano Lax-50 ml

Medibest Nano-D3 - 50 mL

Medibest Nephrol Plus - 50 mL

Vitamin E Aqueous Solution

Vitamin E Oral Drops - Liquid Dietary Supplement

Digestive Health

Liquid Antacid Max

Liquid Antacids (Medlanta)

Liquid Antacids Mint

Liquid Comfort Antacid Cherry

Liquid Comfort Antacids

Milk of Magnesia

Milk of Magnesia Cherry

Milk of Magnesia Mint

Stomach Relief Cherry

Stomach Relief Cherry

Stomach Relief Max

External Analgesics/Anti-Itch

Analgesic Balm GRX® - Topical Pain Reliever

Asper-Flex™ Cream - Topical Pain Reliever

Benzoyl Peroxide Gel 10% GRx

Berri-Freez™ - Topical Pain Reliever

Bodi Protect® - Protective Barrier Ointment

Calmodrox Ointment

Men-phor™ - Anti-itch Lotion with Camphor and Menthol

Hemorrhoidal Care

Dibucaine Ointment USP 1% GRx - Topical Anesthetic

Hemorrhoidal Hygiene Pads NEW!

Hemorrhoidal Ointment GRx®


Medibest Enema

Mineral Oil USP - Lubricant Laxative

Mineral Oil-GRx Enema

Sorbitol 70% Solution USP - Osmotic Laxative

Natural Cough/Cough

Cough Syrup - Honey Lemon


Lubricant Eye drops High performance ( Lubricated eye drops )

Medibest advanced lubricant eye drops- Long Lasting (Novo Long) - 15 mL

Medibest advanced redness and irritation relief (Novo Sine) - 15 mL

Medibest Lubricant eye drops (Moisturizing lubricant eye drops)

Medibest lubricant Eye drops- High Performance (Ultra lubricant eye drops)

Medibest multi action allergy relief (Allergy eye drops)

Medibest redness relief (Novo Relief - 15 mL)

Oral Mucosal Agents


BENZ-O-STHETIC 20% Liquid®



Benz-O-Sthetic® - Topical Anesthetic/Analgesic Spray

Benzoin Compound Tincture USP - Topical Skin Protectant

Post Natal Care

Lan-O-Soothe™ - Natural Nipple Cream

Skin Protectants

A & D GRX® Ointment

A & D Ointment

Light Mineral Oil-NF (Skin Protectant)

SprayZoin™ - Tincture Benzoin Compound Spray

Topical Light Mineral Oil USP (sterile)

Topical Light Mineral Oil USP (sterile) - Skin Lubricant

White Petrolatum USP GRx® Ointment

Skincare/Moisturizing Agents

Cetaklenz™ - Gentle Face and Body Cleanser

Geri-Soft® Lotion - Daily Moisturizing Lotion

GERI®-HYDROLAC 12% ™ Cream


GERI®-HYDROLAC ™12% Lotion

GERI®-Silk Bath Oil®

GRX® Vitamin E Cream

Hydrocerin Cream®

Hydrocerin Lotion®

Hydrocerin Plus™ Cream - Skin Exfoliant and Moisturiz

Hydrophilic GRX® Ointment

Hydrophor™ - Dry Skin Treatment Ointment

Lanolin Hydrous GRX® - Lubricates and Protects the Skin

Lanolin USP GRX® - Lubricates, Protects and Soothes the Skin

Lubriskin™ Lotion - Dry Skin Therapy