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Geritrex offers a wide variety of premium skincare products at discount prices.  Our head to toe skincare products include mild yet effective body washes, moisturizers and shampoos.  Many of our skincare offerings are also hypoallergenic, fragrance and dye-free, making them suitable for all skin types. 

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Cetaklenz™ - Gentle Face and Body Cleanser
Comparable to Cetaphil™ (Galderma)

The CetaKlenz™ daily skin cleanser was formulated for dermatologists as a gentle, non-irritating cleanser for even the most sensitive skin. Unlike soap, CetaKlenz™ is completely non-alkaline, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free. The cleanser soothes and softens as it cleanses, helping the skin retain needed moisture. CetaKlenz™ can be used for face, hands and the entire body. It also serves as an excellent cleanser for the delicate skin of babies.

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Catalog# Size Case NDC/UPC# Retail
CK19 562 ML (19 OZ) 12/CS 54162-0750-19
$6.05 EACH
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CK19P 562 ML (19 OZ PUMP) 12/CS 54162-0750-20
$6.69 EACH
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Gentle Cream™ - Calming Dry Skin Therapy
Comparable to JOHNSON'S® Baby Cream (©Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies)

Geritrex’s Gentle Cream™ is a mild and calming dry skin therapy for young babies and elderly people.  It comes in a thick cream base and is enriched with skin healing ingredients including zinc oxide, aloe vera and vitamins A, D, E.  This product not only soothes and heals dry and chapped skin, it also treats and protects minor wounds and rashes.
Catalog# Size Case NDC/UPC# Retail
GC4 4 OZ 24/CS 54162-0850-04
$4.24 EACH
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Geri-Hydrolac™ - Skin Exfoliant and Moisturizer
Comparable to Lac-Hydrin® (©Westwood-Squibb Pharmaceuticals Inc.)

Geri-Hydrolac™ is a dual-action moisturizer that helps to exfoliate and soften the elbows, knees, feet and hands.  It contains a gentle alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), ammonium lactate, which sloughs off old skin cells to reveal smoother and fresher-looking skin.  Geri-Hydrolac™ can be used to treat a number of dry skin conditions including eczema, icthyoses and psoriasis

The moisturizer is non-greasy, lightweight, fragrance-free,
non-comedogenic and available in two AHA strengths - 5 and 12 percent.  It is also available in cream and lotion formulations and can be used on sensitive skin.

Catalog# Size Case NDC/UPC# Retail
GHL5 237 ML (8 FL OZ) 24/CS 92771-61008
$5.76 EACH
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GHL12 237 ML (8 FL OZ) 24/CS 92771-61208
$8.99 EACH
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GHLC12-140 140 G 12/CS 92771-61305
$9.99 EACH
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Geri-Silk® - Bath Oil
Comparable to Alpha Keri® Moisture Rich Oil (Novartis Consumer Health, Inc.)

Geri-Silk® is a light, emollient-rich oil that helps to soften and condition the skin.  When this pleasantly scented body oil is applied immediately after a bath or shower, it helps to seal in moisture and relieve dry skin all day.


Catalog# Size Case NDC/UPC# Retail
SSBO8 237 ML (8 FL OZ) 48/CS 54162-0300-08
$2.96 EACH
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Hydrocerin™ Cream and Lotion - Dry Skin Therapy
Equivalent to Eucerin® (Beiersdorf AG)

is an effective daily moisturizer that helps to relieve dry, flaky and cracked skin. Recommended by leading physicians, Hydrocerin™ contains the key ingredient lanolin which helps to moisturize, soften and repair the skin. Its fragrance-free, non-greasy formula is considered safe for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. Hydrocerin™ should be applied to body areas most prone to dryness, including the hands, elbows and feet. It is also available as a cream and as a lotion.
Catalog# Size Case NDC/UPC# Retail
HC4C 4 OZ 24/CS 54162-0600-02
$4.95 EACH
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HC16C 454 G (1 LB) 24/CS 54162-0600-01
$10.15 EACH
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HCL8 8 FL OZ 48/CS 54162-0620-08
$3.95 EACH
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HCL16 16 FL OZ PUMP 24/CS 54162-0620-16
$7.46 EACH
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Hydrophilic GRX® Ointment - Softens Dry Skin
Comparable to Other USP XXIII Grade Hydrophilic Ointments

Hydrophilic GRX® Ointment is an effective skin moisturizer that helps to restore and protect very dry, damaged skin. This fragrance-free, emollient-based cream helps soften and soothe areas with petrolatum, an occlusive moisturizing ingredient which helps to attract and retain moisture in the skin. Hydrophilic GRX® Ointment is ideal for use on the hands, elbows and feet as well as any other rough, dry areas of the skin needing additional hydration. For best results, soak dry skin areas in warm water, then pat dry and immediately apply a thick layer of Hydrophilic GRX® Ointment to the skin.
Catalog# Size Case NDC/UPC# Retail
HY14 410 G 24/CS 54162-0670-14
$10.98 EACH
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HY4C24 4 OZ 24/CS 54162-0670-04
$4.35 EACH
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Hydrophor™ - Dry Skin Treatment Ointment
Comparable to Aquaphor® (Beiersdorf AG)

provides long-lasting moisturization and relief of severely dry skin.  It works by creating a protective barrier that conditions skin as it prevents moisture loss.

Hydrophor™ contains no fragrances or preservatives that can irritate skin, and it is dermatologist recommended for all the following uses:
• severely dry, cracked or chafed skin
• minor scrapes and burns
• dry skin associated with atopic dermatitis
• sensitive skin
• diaper rash

Catalog# Size Case NDC/UPC# Retail
HP100C 100 G 24/CS 54162-0500-02
$5.49 EACH
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HP16C 16 OZ JAR 24/CS 54162-0500-01
$11.47 EACH
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Lanolin Hydrous GRX® - Lubricates and Protects the Skin
Comparable to Other USP XXII Formulations

Lanolin Hydrous GRX®
is a powerful topical lubricant that helps to treat, protect and soften very dry, rough or chapped skin.  This deep moisturizing ointment contains just purified water and Lanolin USP (a natural skin conditioning agent).  Lanolin Hydrous GRX® is very effective in relieving dry hands, diaper rash, burns and other minor skin irritations.  Lanolin Hydrous GRX® is also bacteriostatic and fragrance-free, making it perfect for everyday use.
Catalog# Size Case NDC/UPC# Retail
LAT1 1 OZ 48/CS 54162-0595-01
$5.02 FOR 2
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Lanolin USP GRX® - Lubricates, Protects and Soothes the Skin
Comparable to Other Anhydrous USP Grade Lanolin Products

Lanolin USP GRX®
contains pure pharmaceutical grade lanolin to help soothe dry skin conditions and promote healing.  A perfect remedy for dry and chapped skin, this emollient forms a protective shield on the epidermal layer to help lanolin’s moisturizing properties penetrate deep into the skin.  By improving the skin’s hydration level, Lanolin USP GRX® leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. The product is also easily absorbed into the skin and should be generously applied to the entire body following showering or bathing to replace lost moisture.

Catalog# Size Case NDC/UPC# Retail
LA14C 14 OZ 24/CS 54162-0596-14
$18.99 EACH
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Lubriskin™ Lotion - Dry Skin Therapy
Comparable to Lubriderm® (©Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies)

Lubriskin™ is a dermatologist-recommended lotion for dry skin care.  This daily moisturizing therapy helps to smooth, lubricate, soften and heal dry skin on the face, hands, legs, elbows, heels and back.  Lubriskin™ is also non-greasy, non-irritating and fragrance-free, thus making it suitable for sensitive skin types.

NEW SIZE AVAILABLE! - LS19 and LS19PC, includes 20% more for the same great low price.

Catalog# Size Case NDC/UPC# Retail
LS8 237 ML (8 FL OZ) 48/CS 54162-0810-08
$2.18 EACH
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LS19 562 ML (19 OZ) 24/CS 54162-0810-19
$3.70 EACH
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LS19PC 562 ML (19 OZ) PUMP 12/CS 54162-0810-20
$4.37 EACH
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Mineral Oil Light NF GRX® - Skin Softener
Comparable to Other NF Grade Mineral Oil Products

Geritrex’s Mineral Oil Light NF GRX® helps to treat and prevent dry, itchy skin and other minor skin irritations.  It forms a silky barrier over the skin to help prevent excess moisture loss.  The light mineral oil can be used on newborn babies to the elderly. 
Catalog# Size Case NDC/UPC# Retail
MO16 16 FL OZ 24/CS 54162-0185-16
$3.92 EACH
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Tera-Gel™ and PC Tar™
Medicated Coal Tar Shampoos
  • Tera Gel™ Shampoo is equivalent to T/Gel™ Shampoo (Neutrogena).* 

  • PC Tar™ Shampoo is comparable to Zetar® Shampoo (Dermik Laboratories).

*Special Note: T/Gel's™ 4 oz bottle size is currently out of stock - save money by stocking up on Geritrex's Tera Gel™ Shampoo today!

Tera-Gel™ and PC Tar™ medicated shampoos help treat various scalp conditions including dandruff, seborrhea dermatitis and psoriasis. Both shampoos contain the active ingredient, coal tar, which helps to treat and control itchy, dry and/or flaky scalp symptoms. For the more stubborn scalp conditions, PC Tar™ also contains PCMX. This antibacterial agent helps to relieve skin irritation and infections caused by continuous scratching of the scalp. Both shampoos are formulated with a fresh fragrance and can be used as often as needed to keep hair flake-free and healthy.  


Catalog# Size Case NDC/UPC# Retail
PCT6C36 - PC Tar 6 FL OZ 36/CS 54162-0200-06
$8.95 EACH
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TG4 - Tera-Gel 4 FL OZ 36/CS 54162-0250-04
$3.99 EACH
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TG8 - Tera-Gel 234 ML (8 FL OZ) 24/CS 54162-0250-80
$5.94 EACH
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