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Geritrex is a leading manufacturer of generic over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products. The company’s generic healthcare line includes skin, oral, wound and other personal care products.  Geritrex does everything possible to ensure that its products are comparable to, or even better than, many of today’s brand name products.

Bodi Line

Take the time to discover Geritrex’s own specially-formulated line of mild and soothing skincare products.  The Bodi Line consists of reliable and cost-effective products including a therapeutic hair and body shampoo, skin moisturizing lotions, hand sanitizers and liquid body cleansers.  Several of these products are designed to effectively treat and prevent symptoms of aging skin.

Skin and Hair Care

Geritrex offers a wide variety of premium skincare products at discount prices.  Our head to toe skincare products include mild yet effective body washes, moisturizers and shampoos.  Many of our skincare offerings are also hypoallergenic, fragrance and dye-free, making them suitable for all skin types. 

Oral Care

Geritrex offers a wide range of high-quality oral care products at reasonable prices. The oral care offerings include various mouthwashes and rinses to help refresh one's breath and maintain oral hygiene. Geritrex also carries a variety of oral health care anesthetics and analgesics, for temporary relief of occasional minor irritations, pain, sore mouth   and sore throat.

Infection Control

Geritrex manufactures cost-effective infection control products to help reduce exposure to germs. We offer a variety of quality hand antiseptics, spray disinfectants and odor eliminators to help sanitize the skin, disinfect hard surfaces and improve indoor air quality. Our hospital-grade disinfectants and deodorants are also perfect for use in nursing homes, daycare centers, schools and other institutions.



Wound Care

Geritrex offers a wide variety of wound treatment care supplies including cleansers, sterile dressings, impregnated gauzes and non-adherent pads. These products were created to help in all stages of wound healing (e.g. I, II, III, IV).

Unit Dose products

Geritrex recognizes   the need to have a safe and effective medication distribution system in acute care facilities. Unit dose packaging not only offers consistant and accurate medication dosage, it also monitors the patients’ drug consumption. We now offer unit dose packaging for many of our healthcare products to meet the needs of   hospitals and other institutions.

Podiatry Care

Geritrex has   recently introduced to the marketplace a new line of effective podiatry care products. They were developed to address a variety of medical conditions affecting the foot, from dry skin conditions to podiatric pain.

Important to Note: The following Geritrex products are not seen in this section but are often used to treat podiatric conditions:

Berri-Freez™ (See OTC Pharmaceuticals) - Comparable to BioFreeze® (PHI)

Geri-Hydrolac™ (See Hair/Skin Care) - Comparable to Lac-Hydrin® (©Westwood-Squibb Pharmaceuticals Inc.)

Hydrocerin™ (See Hair/Skin Care) - Equivalent to Eucerin® (Beiersdorf AG)


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